One Rank One Pension – Army’s 40 Year Dream Comes True; to be Implemented from July 1, 2014

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One Rank One Pension – Army’s 40 Year Dream Comes True; to be Implemented from July 1, 2014

OROP Scheme : The long-pending demand of the ex-servicemen, for which they have been fighting for decades, has finally been granted.

The Centre has finally decided to implement the OROP. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has made the announcement in this regard.

Although it is being generally said that the demand was being made for 40 years, the movement picked up momentum only about 10 years ago. All their protests, to attract the Centre’s attention, have finally succeeded, one must say.

Some even accuse that the centre had granted the OROP after buckling under pressure due to the protests from the ex-servicemen.

The fact that the ex-servicemen have welcomed the move, despite some unfavourable clauses being introduced by the Government in the original bill, must be appreciated here. Arguments and debates continue over the revision clauses- those in service get a revision of pension each year. This is one of the major disagreements between the government and the protesters. The protesters expected a revision once every two years, but the government has remained adamant over revision once every five years.

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faransqi said...

Flawed offer with multiple hurdles. Compulsory service extension for orop else no orop. Raw deal for vetrans and future retirees still a junoir will get more pension than senior for 5 years. Why government trying to be penny wise. Babus still made fool of faujis.40 years of harassment for 40% of OROP poor show modi sarkar

Cesar Ladd said...

This above furnished news is very essential and useful too. Keep updating such news blogs...Thank you too much...
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