Representation from Government servant on service matters – reiteration of instructions – regarding

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Representation from Government servant on service matters – reiteration of instructions – regarding.

G.I., Dept. of Per. Trg.,O.M.F.No.11013/08/2013-Estt(A-III), dated 31.08.2015

Subject: Representation from Government servant on service matters – reiteration of instructions – regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to O.M. of even number dated 6th June, 2013 wherein instructions have been issued on submission of representation by Government servants about their service matters. In spite of these instructions, it has been observed that Government servants including officers/ officials of para military forces and Army personnel continue to represent directly to the Prime Minister, Minister, Secretary (P) and other higher authorities, directly.’

2. As per the existing instructions, wherever, in any matter connected with his service justifys or conditions, a Government servant wishes to press a claim or to seek redressal of a grievance, the proper course for him is to address his immediate official superior, or Head of his office, or such other authority at the appropriate level who is competent to deal with the matter in the organisation.

3. Such submission of representations directly to other authorities by- passing the prescribed channel of communication, has to be viewed seriously and appropriate disciplinary action should be taken against those who violate these instructions. This can justifyly be treated as an unbecoming conduct attracting the provisions of Rule 3 (1) (iii) of the Central Chill Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964. It is clarified that this would include all forms of communication including through e-mails or public grievances portal etc.

4. Attention in this connection is also invited to the provision of Rule 20 of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 prohibiting Government servants from bringing outside influence in respect of matter pertaining to his service matter. Representation by relatives of Government servant is also treated as outside influence as clarified vide MHA OM No. F. 25/21/63-Estt.(A) dated 19.09.1963

5. It is reiterated that these instructions may be brought to the notice of all Govt servants including officers/ officials of para military forces and member of armed forces and action taken against those who violate these instructions.

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Anonymous said...

It is surprised to see that Government servants will look to the higher authorities if their grievances are not addressed by the cadre controlling authority. If this is wrong where should employee approach to redress their grievance?

Mohinder Singh said...

Government servants, especially para military, approach Ministry as they are normally not heard by immediate seniors. And this order gags the poor jawans. Even no fruitful action is taken on such complaints to Ministries.

rahul rana said...

Actually the internal mechanism in all the Govt Deptt for redressal of grievances is either not functioning or prejudice.
Take one issue like suspension-Employees are kept under suspension for years without issue of Chargsheet or even retired but time limits never followed.
The reason to approach such platform lies behind all such ineffectiveness of the system.
There should be a time limit for disposal of grievances and strictly adhered to by all authorities.

Kalyan Ghosh said...

Grievance redress mechanism of Government departments are of no help. PG Portal registered grievances are forwarded to the same department for necessary action. No attention is paid if follow up action has been taken or not. Even grievances related to gross injustice is resolved without any logical conclusion. The department against whom a complaint is lodged has ample scope to stay off from the allegation. A hapless commoner has no respite from controlling officers' apathy.

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