Format for giving information to the applicants under RTI Act- issue of guidelines regarding.

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Format for giving information to the applicants under RTI Act- issue of guidelines regarding.

G.I., Dept. of Per. & Trg., O.M.No.10/1/2013-IR, dated 6.10.2015

Subject: Format for giving information to the applicants under RTI Act- issue of guidelines regarding.

It has been observed that different public authorities provide information to RTI applicants in different formats. Though there cannot be a standard format for providing information, the reply should however essentially contain the following information:

(i) RTI application number, date and date of its receipt in the public authority.

(ii) The name, designation, official telephone number and email ID of the CPIO.

(iii) In case the information requested for is denied, detailed reasons for denial quoting the relevant sections of the RTI Act should be clearly mentioned.

(iv) In case the information pertains to other public authority and the application is transferred under section 6(3) of the RTI Act, details of the public authority to whom the application is transferred should be given.

(v) In the concluding para of the reply, it should be clearly mentioned that the First Appeal, if any, against the reply of the CPIO may be made to the First Appellate Authority within 30 days of receipt of reply of CPIO.

(vi) The name, designation, address, official telephone number and e-mail ID of the First Appellate Authority should also be clearly mentioned.

2. In addition, wherever the applicant has requested for ‘certified copies’ of the documents or records, the CPIO should endorse on the document “True copy of the document/record supplied under RTI Act”, sign the document with .date, above a seal containing name of the officer, CPIO and name of public authority; as enumerated below:

True copy of the document/record supplied under RTI Act.

(Name of the Officer)
(Name of the Public Authority)

Further in case the documents to be certified and supplied is large in number, information on RTI application should be supplied by a designated PIO but the certification of the documents, if need be, could be done by an other junior gazetted officer.

3. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned.


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Lakshmanrao seshagiri said...

PAN-Card : basically the document carry the facilities to travel at Concessional Rates,as far as senior citizens are concerned.An Example represented by Purpose.On the same principles RTI Act 2005 need to carry the reasons for seeking the desired information.The portion represented by Act, when the same is silent in regard to Purpose,the concerned official who is officially dealing with RTI Act.2005, need to come under the care of law, to depend only on the reasons, forarranging the reply...

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