Meetings with 7th CPC and Cabinet Secretary – NC JCM Staff Side

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Meetings with 7th CPC and Cabinet Secretary – NC JCM Staff Side

Meetings with the VII CPC and the Cabinet Secretary – resentment conveyed to Govt. of India

Shiva Gopal Mishra
Ph.: 23382286
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery
Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi – 110001
E Mail :
Dated: November 20, 2015
All Constituents of the
National Council(JCM)

Dear Comrades,

Sub: Meetings with the VII CPC and the Cabinet Secretary

Today I met the Chairman, VII CPC, Justice Shri Ashok Kumar Mathur, and expressed our anguish against retrograde recommendations of VII CPC, particularly reg. Minimum Wage, reduction in HRA and CCL, non-redressal of NPS, abolition of various allowances, examination of MACP benefit, etc. etc.

Tough he had given argument, but I told him about the anguish of all the constituents of the JCM(Staff Side), who feel that they have been betrayed by the VII CPC.

Comrades! I have also met the Cabinet Secretary, Shri P.K. Sinha, in the afternoon and handed him over a copy of the attached letter and requested him to convene meeting of the NC/JCM at an earliest as well as to intervene in the matters raised by the JCA in case of report of VII CPC at an earliest. The Cabinet Secretary has promised that he would try to fix the meeting at an earliest and also look into the points raised by the NC/JCM(Staff Side) for VII CPC.

With fraternal greetings!

Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

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krishna kant said...

very bad/cheep recommendation of vII cpc
we are against this this recommendation......

amit said...

sir please put Non practicing allowance for doctors also under negotiation as it also been reduced to 20% from 25% of basic as well as not counted for the calculation of HRA as it was in sixth pay commission.

Negotiate for

either enhance it to 30% minimum and consider it for all calculation as it was in sixth pay commission or stop it and let medical officers set free beyond their office hours to do privet practice (as non practicing allowance paid to doctors in govt. duty for not doing any kind of privet practice) which ultimately will reduce the financial burden on govt as well as also push the over all delivery of health services due to increased availability of doctors to the all kind of population.
this will also lead a govt. medical officer to be more competent by equipping and advancing himself with more training and knowledge to stay and survive in the privet practice battle ground, which also will enhance the utilization of govt health machinery for better health services delivery.

Ravikumar Basava said...

Request to consider the following:

A) Minimum wage should be Rs 21000/-

B) HRA Slabs for X, Y, Z Cities must be 30%, 20%, 10%

will make the central government employees a satisfied one.

B B Krishna rao
RTD- Postal employee

Ravikumar Basava said...

Minimum expectations from 7 th CPC is as follows;

A) Minimum wage should not be lesser than Rs 21000/-

B) Keep the HRA Slabs as per 6th CPC i.e. 30%, 20%, 10% for X,Y, and Z class cities respectively.

C)Risk allowances (2% of Basic) for staff who continuously working on Computers.

These will some what may satisfy the central govt employees

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