Submission of 7th Pay Commission Report – Confirmation of official site of 7th CPC

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Submission of 7th Pay Commission Report – Confirmation of official site of 7th CPC

The official website of 7th Central Pay Commission has confirmed the time and date of the submission of its report to the Central government.

The commission will submit its report on 19th November at 19.30 Hrs.

"The commission has completed its deliberations and will submit the report to the Government of India on 19.11.2015 at 19.30 hours."

The below screen shot of the website is given below…

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vicky said...

Multifying figure already due on 1/1/2016 as under suppose basic pay 100/- and on 1/1/2011 it is 100+50% merger it is 150/- and it is 150+50% merger on 1/1/2014 it is 225/- and on 1/1/2016 it is 225/- + 25% it is 281.25 I.e. multiply by 2.8125 add minimum 40% it will be 3.21 and what is this 15% or multiply by 2.86 etc.


India needs government employees more than the existing with decent pay package for effective governance.

Statistics of Government employees across the world reveals that India has 1622 government servants (Central and State government employees) for every 100,000 citizens. In stark contrast, the United States has 7,681 government servants for 100000 citizens. If we look into the statistics in respect of central government employees only, there are 254 central government servants for every 100000 citizens in India. But the US federal government has 840 government servants for every 100000 population.

The above fact implies India need to recruit more government servants to increase the effectiveness of the government.

The wage bill should not be construed an expense, since it is paid for service done by government staff to run the government machinery. Without this work force government cannot function. Unless a decent pay package is provided to government Officers & staff, the government cannot ensure good and effective governance.


Though various methodologies had been adopted to arrive at a minimum Wage, the intrinsic value of the job content of each grade and post at the intermediary level has not been given due consideration by any Pay Commission. It has to be assessed by an expert committee. Hence, there is need to appoint an expert committee for assessing the intrinsic value of the job content of each grade and post at the intermediary level.

Various anomalies arising after the implementation of the recommendations of the Pay Commission are mainly due to lack of scientific assessment of Job content of the each Grade in the Gazetted Officers Post. Pending finalization of such a study, the Commission should maintain the presently existing vertical and horizontal relativities.

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