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7th Pay Commission News: No Hike in Fitment Factor and Minimum Pay

7th Pay Commission News: No Hike in Fitment Factor and Minimum Pay Latest News about ''7th CPC Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor ...

Monday, December 7, 2015

7th CPC Increment : Recommendations on Annual and Promotional Increment

7th CPC Increment : Recommendations on Annual and Promotional Increment

7th CPC Increment :  The 7th Pay Commission has recommended on the rate of annual increment is being retained at 3 percent.

Illustrative Examples in Respect of annual increment…

Withholding Annual Increments of Non-performers after 20 Years : There is a widespread perception that increments as well as upward movement in the hierarchy happen as a matter of course. The perception is that grant of MACP, although subject to the employee attaining the laid down threshold of performance, is taken for granted. This Commission believes that employees who do not meet the laid down performance criterion should not be allowed to earn future annual increments. The Commission is therefore proposing withholding of annual increments in the case of those employees who are not able to meet the benchmark either for MACP or a regular promotion within the first 20 years of their service.

This will act as a deterrent for complacent and inefficient employees. However, since this is not a penalty, the norms for penal action in disciplinary cases involving withholding increments will not be applicable in such cases. This will be treated as an “efficiency bar”. Additionally, for such employees there could be an option to leave service on similar terms and conditions as prescribed for voluntary retirement.

Grant of First Annual Increment in Recruits Pay : The main demand of the Services in this connection is that the existing stipulation that next increment will be granted from the date of attestation or mustering be done away with. They have pointed out that trades whose skill requirements are low and whose entry level qualifications are lower invariably get attested or mustered earlier and thus are entitled to the next annual increment earlier than trades whose training period is longer.

Analysis and Recommendations : The Commission is of the view that grant of next increment in the case of recruits should not place those with higher entry level qualifications at a disadvantage. The Commission, accordingly recommends that the date of enrolment should be reckoned for the purposes of first increment for all recruits who are finally successfully attested/mustered.



Anonymous said...

Suppose Mr A who after having been fixed in the pay matrix is drawing a Basic Pay of Rs.37000/- in level 9. when he gets an annual increment on 1st July @ 3% calculation comes to 37000+ 1110+38110 but the next stage is 38100. Can some body clarify whether his Basic Pay will be 38100 or 39200 after annual increment.

Anonymous said...

In fact this is the case in every level of the pay matrix. The figures do not match post increment pay. Will the pay be fixed as per the next higher matrix or the existing matrix works as a ceiling of pay post increment?

Anonymous said...

This is a problem in all levels. The pay matrix does not correspond to the post increment pay. So, what is the point of having pay matrix when it does not correspond post increment? Even if the difference is Ra.10, the pay has to be fixed in the next higher grid. Will it be so?

Anonymous said...

In no case it should be less than 3%.If someone gets increment less than 3% then the fundamental rule that the anual increment is 3% will be completely deviated and the employee will be deprived of his legitmate due and the principle of natural justice will be deviated.

Anonymous said...

Pl. calculate the pay fixation (7th CPC) mentioned below:
1. pay on 31.12.2015 -- BP 12900 and GP 2800
2. MACP on 29.02.2016 in the GP 4200
3. Want to get fix pay on the increment date i.e. 01.07.2016
4. ready to leave pay arrears upto 30.06.2016

Anonymous said...

we have compassionate grounds appointments and handicapped quota and etc etc, and performance to be considered with some imaginary bench mark ( with all incompatible gadgets, staffs and different set of languages, cultures , and etc ,to estimate the performance is not an easy task , just for the sake "higher ups get good names and performance from their higher ups" , with lower branch of staff of dept in utter chaos ,is something to be reconsidered, in spite of our having language ,regional, religious and economic bias only increase the gap between the admin and controlled at the ripe time of the service .

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