Comments of the Ministries/Departments on Recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission - Request to Expedite

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7th CPC Implementation Cell Seeks Comments and Views from all Ministries/Departments

Comments of the Ministries/Departments on Recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission - Request to Expedite

F No.30-1/2016-IC
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

Implementation Cell (7th CPC)
Dated: 15th February, 2016


Subject: Comments of the Ministries/Departments on Recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission – Request to Expedite – regarding.

All the Ministries/Departments, vide the D.O.No.1-4/2015-EIII.A dated 21.11.2015 from Joint Secretary (Pers), Department of Expenditure were requested to formulate their views/comments on the issues and the posts/services under them with reference to the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission and forward it to the Department of Expenditure within a period of three weeks.

2. The action involved on part of the administrative Ministries/Departments was also discussed, in detail, in the meeting with the Nodal Officers on 02.02.2016 and all the Nodal Officers were requested to furnish their comments in the ‘prescribed proforma’ circulated in the meeting, along with soft copy to the ‘ within two weeks i.e. by 17.02.2016. The responses received so far are not satisfactory and comments of the most the Ministries/Departments are still awaited.

3. The Implementation Cell which is working as the secretariat of the Empowered Committee of Secretaries (E-CoS) has been asked to furnish considered views of the Ministries/Departments on the recommendations of the 7th CPC.

4. In view of the above, the comments of the Ministries/Departments may be furnished to the Implementation Cell. Department of Expenditure, immediately.

This may be treated as most urgent.

Joint Secretary (IC)


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adithyan said...

The meeting of 2-2-2016 stressed the importance of early implementation of the 7CPC requesting the participants to submit the filled proforma after detailed consultations with the union members of the department and to reach not later than 15-2-2016. But things did not move even upto 20th which only shows how our departments are lethargic even in a matter relating to the serving officers who are also beneficiaries. Will not the unions of respective departments also help the nodal officers in preparation for early submission. the employees are just keeping fingers crossed. May heavens be kind enough to wake them up to the urgency at least in this matter.

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