Friday, February 19, 2016

Report of NJCA Meeting with 7th Pay Commission implementation Cell

Summary report of NJCA Meeting with 7th Pay Commission implementation Cell will be forwarded to the Empowered Committee soon

Latest 7th CPC News: Outcome of NJCA Meeting with 7th Pay Commission implementation Cell

Sources Close to the NJCA told that Meeting with 7th Pay Commission Implementation Cell took place as scheduled today.

Joint Secretary, Department of Expenditure, 7th Pay Commission Implementation Cell, represented the Government. It is told that the meeting of NJCA with 7th Pay Commission Implementation Cell continued for three Hours

Justification for 26 demands submitted by NJCA to Cabinet secretary has been summarized before the Joint Secretary, Implementation Cell. Various Issues including revising Fitment Formula, Increasing Minimum Pay, Revising Allowances, restoring Advances with increased rates and granting two increment on Promotion, increasing the rate of increment to 5% have been discussed in detail. Suitable justification was given by NJCA to establish their claims on these demands are reasonable.

It seems that the Points put by NJCA is well taken by the 7th CPC Implementation Cell and the same will be forwarded to Empowered Committee. It is told that the Empowered Committee headed by Cabinet Secretary will invite NCJCM Staff Side to discuss and finalize the issues discussed in this Meeting. After that It will be sent to Cabinet for its nod.

The summary report of this Meeting will be forwarded to the Empowered Committee soon. It is considered as a positive development towards the implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations with taking into consideration of NCJCM Staff Side Views.

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CC Sathyanandan said...

Staff Car Drivers, earlier there was three grade structure such as Grade II ,Grade I & Selection grade, which was in favour to CMDs. Second promotion as selection grade. 35% were getting the pay scale of Rs. 1320-2040 which was equivalent to Rs. 5000-8000 in the 5th pay commission comparing to the pay scale of MCM.
Now only 5% are getting the promotion as CMD Special Grade at the time of retirement on completion of 35 to 37 years of service, due to the introduction four grade structure i.e. Ordinary grade, Grade II ,Grade I & Special grade in the grade ratio system of 30:30:35:5 respectively.
However, the 95% of CMD Gde I are retiring from service without getting their eligible promotion as CMD Special Gde after 15 to 18 years of service in the same grade of CMD Gde I
The four grade structure promotion has been introduced wef 1993 instead of three grade structure with the grade ratio system of 30:30:35:5, which was very adversely affected promotion of Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers)with comparison to all other group C categories. It is not understood why, ACP scheme was not granted to Civilian Motor Drivers, the only category exempted, which is an extreme injustice to the driver category. ACP Scheme was better than the promotional scheme granted to the drivers with effect from 1993.

Therefore, the grade ratio has to be revised to 40% instead of 5% and the implementation of three grade structure in case of Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) also by merging the CMD Gde I and Special Gde into one grade is very essential in the ratio of 30:30:40.
TIME BOUND PROMOTION may granted as per G of I, M of D, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and pensions(DOPT) letter No. 220036/1/92-Esst(D) dated 27/07/1995 and those who are completing 3 years in the grade of CMD grade I may granted promotion as CMD Special Grade forthwith .
2. It is also noticed from the seniority list of CMDs 2016-17 ratio of 30:30:35:05 Ordinary grade, Grade II ,Grade I & Special grade respectively is not properly maintained. The promotion to CMDs has to be calculated to the base sanction strength of CMDs held as on 2006 is not being maintained at CE SC level. Hence eligible CMDs are not getting promotion. (especially CMD Special grade)

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