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Resolution regarding Empowered Committee on 7th CPC - IRTSA

Resolution regarding Empowered Committee on 7th CPC - IRTSA

CEC IRTSA urged upon Empowered Committee of Secretaries to take favourable decision on the memorandum submitted by IRTSA, particularly on the following main demands:



1 a) Resolutions regarding main demands

Central Executive Committee (CEC) IRTSA seriously regretted that the Central Government employees in general and Technical Supervisors / Supervising Engineers on Railways in particular are seriously aggrieved by extremely adverse & unjust Report of the Seventh Pay Commission and CEC IRTSA appeals to the Government& Ministry of Railway to suitably modify the recommendations especially in respect of the following major demands:

i. Pay level 8 for JE and 10 for SSE.

ii. Up-gradation of 33% posts of SSE as principal SSE & placing them in level-11

iii. DMS, CMA & JE/IT be placed in level-8 and CDMS, CMS & Sr. Er/IT be placed in level-10.

iv. Classifying SSE, CMS, CDMS &Sr.Er/IT as Group ‘B’(Gaz)

v. Common fitment factor of 3.15 times of 6thCPC basic pay for fixation of Revised Pay.

vi. Annual increment of 5% of pay.

vii. Two increments on Promotion & MACP.

viii. Withdrawal of Unfair benchmark of “very good” proposed by the 7thCPC

ix. Financial upgradation under MACPS in cadre hierarchy after 4, 8, 12 ,16 & 24 years – As per
career progression of Group ‘A’ Officers.

x. Promotion of serving Graduate Engineers to Group ‘A’

xi. Raising of all Allowances as per multiple factor

xii. Breakdown Allowance & National Holiday Allowance (NHA) equal to one day’s wages to
Technical Supervisors & Staff who are required to work beyond duty hours & on NH.

xiii. Night Duty Allowance (NDA) for actual time worked for from sunset to sunrise (instead of 10
pm to 6am).

xiv. Continuation of PCO Allowance at existing rate of 7.5% for SSE & 15% of pay for JEs & Staff.

xv. Extend PCO Allowance to CMT, Stores, Design & Drawing and other left out areas.

xvi. Teaching Allowance @ 30% of basic pay.

xvii. Risk & Hardship Allowance for sheds & depots and open line staff &Technical Supervisors.

xviii. Design Allowance for Design & Drawing Engineers.

xix. Withdrawal of NPS / National Pension Scheme.

xx. Additional Pension from 65 years onwards

xxi. Exemption of DA & other Allowances from Income Tax

xxii. Raising of Exemption Limit for Income Tax to Rs. 5 Lakhs.

1 b)Resolution regarding Pay level recommended for Chemical & Metallurgical Engineers

Vide para 11.40.124, 7th CPC recommended that, Chemical and Metallurgical Assistants should be upgraded to GP 4600, Chemical and Metallurgical Superintendents to GP 4800, and Assistant Chemist and Metallurgist to GP 5400 (PB-2). CEC IRTSA appeals to Railway Board not to dilute the recommendations of 7th CPC on the pay level of CMA & CMS.

2. Resolution regarding Empowered Committee on 7th CPC

CEC IRTSA urged upon Empowered Committee of Secretaries to take favourable decision on the memorandum submitted by IRTSA, particularly on the following main demands:

i. placing the Junior Engineers (JEs) on the Railways in Level 8 (instead of level 6); Senior Section Engineers (SSE) in Level 10 (instead of Level 7) in the new Pay Matrix and also upgrading 33% SSE post in PB 2 Grade Pay of Rs.4600 as Principal Senior Section Engineers and placed in Level-11.
ii. Classifying the posts of SSE, CDMS, CMS &Sr.Er/IT as Group ‘B’ (Gazetted)

3. Resolution on line of action

CEC IRTSA authorised the President & General secretary IRTSA to pursue the Demands at all levels and also authorized them to decide the line of action and issue directives thereon to all Units of IRTSA, for early realization of the outstanding Demands.

4. Resolution Reg struggle of CG employees

Central Executive Committee (CEC) IRTSA regretted that the 7th CPC had not made its recommendations judicially on the main demands of the Central Government employees, including those of the Railway men – in spite detailed & justified Memorandum and the oral evidence rendered by the JCM Staff Side &the Federations before the 7th CPC Consequently the constituents of JCM (Staff Side) and Federations of Central Government employees – including those of the Railways – are proposing to go in for an Indefinite Strike against the retrograde recommendations of the Pay Commission and nonacceptance of their demands.

CEC IRTSA was of the considered opinion that the proposed indefinite Strike, by the Central Government employees will seriously impair the development and economy of the country besides very adversely affecting public convenience, disrupting train operations as well as the normal life all over the country.

CEC IRTSA earnestly appealed to the Empowered Committee on 7th CPC and the Central Government to accept the genuine demands of the employees in the interest of justice, industrial peace and development of the country.

Harchandan Singh,
General Secretary,

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