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Demands Vs Recommendations : NC JCM Staff Side Vs 7th Central Pay Commission

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Demands of NC JCM Staff Side and the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission

We have compiled the complete list of 42 demands submitted to 7th Central Pay Commission in respect of Central Government employees and pensioners by NC JCM Staff Side and the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission on these demands are highlighted here for your ready reference. Including the all demands, a detailed memorandum was submitted to 7th Central Pay Commission by NC JCM Staff Side on 30th June 2015.


NC JCM 1. Pay scales are calculated on the basis of pay drawn pay in pay band + GP + 100% DA by employee as on 01-01-2014.

7th CPC 1. Pay scales are calculated on the basis of pay drawn by employee as on 01-01-2016

NC JCM 2. 7th CPC report should be implemented w.e.f. 01-01-2014.
7th CPC 2. Recommended Date of implementation w.e.f. 01.01.2016 (Click to read more)

NC JCM 3. Scrap New Pension Scheme and cover all employees under Old Pension and Family Pension Scheme.
7th CPC 3. No. Commissin has recommended to improve the functioning of NPS. It has also recommended establishment of a strong grievance redressal mechanism. (Click to read more)

NC JCM 4. JCM has proposed minimum wage for MTS (Skilled) Rs.26,000 p.m.
7th CPC 4. Based on the Aykroyd formula, the minimum pay is recommended to be set at Rs.18,000 pm(Click to read more)

NC JCM 5. Ratio of minimum and maximum wage should be 1:8.
7th CPC 5. 7th CPC has extended it to 1:12.5(Click to read more)

NC JCM 6. General formula for determination of pay scale based on minimum living wage demanded for MTS is pay in PB+GP x 3.7
7th CPC 6. 2.57 fitment factor is being applied uniformly to all employees(Click to read more)

NC JCM 7. Annual rate of increment @ 5% of the pay.
7th CPC 7. The rate of annual increment is being retained at 3 percent(Click to read more)

NC JCM 8. Fixation of pay on promotion = 2 increments and difference of pay between present and promotional posts (minimum Rs.3000).
7th CPC 8. Fixation of pay on promotion = 1 increment and the difference of pay according to the cell in the Pay Matrix(Click to read more)

NC JCM 9. The pay structure demanded is as under:-Exiting Proposed (in Rs.)
PB-1, GP Rs.1800   26,000
PB-1, GP Rs.1900
PB-1, GP Rs.2000]  33,000
PB-1, GP Rs. 2400]
PB-1, GP Rs.2800]  46,000
PB-2, GP Rs.4200   56,000
PB-2, GP Rs.4600]
PB-2, GP Rs.4800] 74,000
PB-2, GP Rs.5400   78,000
7th CPC  9. No. The Pay Structure is same and the name only changed as ‘Lelvel’
PB-1 GP Rs.1800/Level-1/18,000
PB-1 GP Rs.1900/Level-2/19,900
PB-1 GP Rs.2000/Level-3/21,700
PB-1 GP Rs. 2400/Level-4/25,500
PB-1 GP Rs.2800/Level-5/29,200
PB-2 GP Rs.4200/Level-6/35,400
PB-2 GP Rs.4600/Level-7/44,900
PB-2 GP Rs.4800/Level-8/47,600
PB-2 GP Rs.5400/Level-9/53,100(Click to read more)

NC JCM 10. Dearness Allowances on the basis of 12 monthly average of CPI, Payment on 1st Jan and 1st July every year
7th CPC  10. No. Commission recommends continuance of the existing formula and methodology for calculating the Dearness Allowance(Click to read more)

Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS in the promotional hierarchy (instead of Grade Pay hierarchy) – NFIR

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Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS in the promotional hierarchy (instead of Grade Pay hierarchy) – NFIR

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

No. IV/MACPS/09/Part9
Dated: 05/01/2016
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Grant of financial up-gradation under MACPS in the promotional hierarchy- (instead of Grade Pay hierarchy) – Item No.3 of Record Note of discussion held between the Federation and EDs, Railway Board on 12/10/2015 on MACPS Anomalies-reg.

Ref: Railway Board’s letter No. PC-V/M/4/NFIR/pt dated 04/01/2016.

NFIR provides below the details of the cadres to whom ACP Scheme was more advantageous than the MACP Scheme introduced by the Railway Board w.e.f. 01/09/2008 – Board’s letter No. PC-V/2009/ACP/2 dated 10/06/2009:-

Note: *The employee has to wait for 6 years more to get GP 2800/- which is the replacement pay scale of Rs.4500- 7000 (Vth CPC) under MACP Scheme.

Note: *While the Stenographer got 5OOO-8OOO/GP4200/- on completion of 12 years under ACP, he should wait for 20 years under MACPS. Similarly he should complete 30 years for becoming eligible for GP 4600/- whereas under ACPS he could become eligible on completion of 24 years service.

The comparative position between ACPS and MACPS as mentioned above establishes that in Railways the employees have been put to grave disadvantage leading to serious resentment against MACP Scheme

Yours faithfully

General Secretary

(Railway Board)
No. PC-V/M/4/NFIR/pt
New Delhi, dated 04/01/2016
The General Secretary,
3, Chelmsford Road,
New Delhi-55

The General Secretary,
4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi-55

Sub:- Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS in the promotional hierarchy- (instead of Grade Pay hierarchy)-reg.

The undersigned is directed to refer to item NO.3 of the record note of discussions held an 12.10.2015 on MACPS anomalies. In respect of the item No.3, it has been decided to indentify the cadres for whom ACP Scheme is more advantageous than MACP Scheme. Thereafter, a reference will be made to DoP&T.

In view of the minutes of the meeting, it is requested to provide the details of the cadres to wham ACP Scheme is more advantageous than MACP Scheme along with supporting documents so that a reference may be made to DoP&T.

Yours faithfully,

for Secretary, Railway Board

Source: NFIR

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