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BPMS demands to increase Income Tax exemption limit to 8 lakh

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Agitational Programme to be held from 05.12.2016 to 09.12.2016

Income tax exemption limit (tax free income) should be extended to Rs 8,00,000/-

HRA should be paid @ 35, 25 and 15% of pay

REF: BPMS/Cir/17th TC/ 11 
Dated: 02.11.2016
The President/General Secretary
Unions Affiliated to the Federation
& Office Bearers & Executive Committee Members

Subject: Agitational Programme to be held from 05.12.2016 to 09.12.2016.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is hoped that all of you are well and busy in accelerating trade union activities. Under the banner of Government Employees National Confederation, we continuously demanded for removal of anomalies related to pay fixation, bonus, income tax, recommendations of Pay Commissions but the Governments did not pay any heed to our genuine demands and it is leading discontentment amongst the employees. Therefore, Government Employees National Confederation has decided that all the constituent Federation of GENC will observe an agitation programme throughout the country from 05.12.2016 to 09.12.2016.

Being a constituent of GENC, this federation BPMS has decided that all the affiliated unions will organize agitation programme from 05.12.2016 to 09.12.2016 like Gate Meeting, Slogan Shouting, Dharna etc. On 09.12.2016 a memorandum should be submitted to their respective Heads of the establishment addressed to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India mentioning the following demands:

1. Minimum Pay should be fixed Rs 24,000/- and fitment formula should be 3.42 in place of 2.57.

2. Under MACP Scheme, 05 financial upgradation should be granted in promotional hierarchy in the service of 30 years.

3. Annual Increment should be @ 5% in place of 3%.

4. The Benchmark ‘very good’ should be abolished for granting of promotion, financial upgradation and annual increment.

5. The Grade pay of Group ‘C’ Rs 1900/- and Rs 2000/- should be merged and upgraded to Rs 2400/-.

6. HRA should be paid @ 35, 25 and 15% of pay.

7. New Pension Scheme should be scraped. 

8. FDI should be scraped in Defence and Railway.

9. Bonus should be calculated on Rs 18,000/- in place of 7,000/- because minimum pay has been enhanced from 7,000/- to 18,000/-.

10. Income tax exemption limit (tax free income) should be extended to Rs 8,00,000/-.

11. The wards of employees died in harness should be guaranteed with 100% compassionate ground appointments.

Thanking you 

Sincerely yours

General Secretary

Copy to:
1- The General Secretary BMS, New Delhi
2- Shri K.N.Sharma, I/C BPMS, Lucknow For information
3- The Secretary General, GENC, Kanpur

Source: BPMS

Grant of Advance for Cancer treatment in Private Nursing Home under CGHS / CS (MA) Rules

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Grant of Advance for Cancer treatment in Non-Empanelled Private Hospitals / Private Nursing Home under CGHS / CS (MA) Rules
REF: BPMS / MH&FW / Advance / 156 (8/1/L) 
Dated: 25.11.2016
The Secretary,
Govt. of India, Min. of Health & Family Welfare,
156 - A, Nirman Bhawan,
New Delhi 110001.

Subject: Grant of Advance for Cancer treatment in Non-Empanelled Private Hospitals / Private Nursing Home under CGHS / CS (MA) Rules.

Respected Sir,
Considering the hardships being faced by cancer patient, vide O.M. No.1967/2013/DEL/CGHS/SZ/D52/CGHS(P) , Dated 30.12.2014 Department of Health & Family Welfare, CGHS (Policy) Division delegated the powers to HOD’s for permission / ex-post facto approval for cancer treatment taken in non-empanelled hospitals subject to reimbursement being restricted to CGHS rates or actual expenditure, whichever is less.

Further, as per O.M. No. s.12020/4/97-CGHS (P), Dated 07.03.2000 of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Department of Health) the Heads of Departments (HODs) may decide the cases of reimbursement of medical claims in respect of treatment obtained in emergency at private hospitals/private nursing home/private clinic, subject to item-wise ceiling as per rates prescribed for CGHS beneficiaries without financial limit on the total amount to be reimbursed.

Now, it has been experienced that a government employee covered under CGHS / CS(MA) Rules and resides in Kanpur, obtains the permission of Head of Department for treatment in Non-Empanelled Private Nursing Home/Hospital (for example Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi). After surgical treatment of Cancer, he needs post operative treatment (Chemotherapy) and he wants to continue his treatment from the same non-empanelled private nursing home/hospital. But the HOD refuses to grant advance for post operative treatment on the plea that advance may be granted in emergency for treatment in non-empanelled private nursing home and post operative treatment of cancer (Chemotherapy) does not fall under the category of emergency. In absence of advance, such employee finds himself unable to get treated and cured and that add insult to injury.

In such circumstances, you are requested to issue necessary orders so that the beneficiaries covered under CGHS / CS (MA) Rules may be granted medical advance being restricted to CGHS rates for post operative treatment of Cancer obtained from nonempanelled private nursing home/hospital.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours


Enclosed: As mentioned

Copy to: 
1. The DHS, OFB, Kolkata Secretary/BPMS &
2. The US D(Civ-I), MoD, New Delhi Member, JCM-II Level Council (MOD)
-With request to take appropriate action.

Source: BPMS

Meager financial Benefit of 14% in 7th CPC - Parliament Q & A

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Meager financial Benefit of 14% in 7th CPC - Parliament Q & A

ANSWERED ON: 25.11.2016

Meager Benefits of 7th CPC

Will the Minister of

FINANCE be pleased to state:-

(a) whether the Government employees got only a meager financial benefit of 14 per cent or less after implementation of 7th CPC;

(b) if so, the details of percentage of salary they got before and after implementation of Seventh CPC and the reasons for such meager hike in their salaries; and

(c) whether the benefit given in the 7th CPC is one of the lowest in all time ever since the Government had been implementing the recommendations of CPC and if so, the details thereof?


(a) to (c): All Government employees have got a financial benefit of at least 14.29 per cent by way of revision of salary after implementation of Seventh Central Pay Commission (7th CPC). The increase in pay as recommended by the 7th CPC is based on the detailed deliberations by the Commission keeping in view all relevant factors having a bearing upon the prevailing circumstances, which has been accepted by the Government.

Authority: www.loksabha.nic.in

Withdrawal of cash per week - RBI Instructions on 25.11.2016

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Withdrawal of cash – Weekly limit

DCM (Plg) No.1424/10.27.00/2016-16

November 25, 2016

The Chairman / Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer,
Public Sector Banks/ Private Sector Banks / Foreign Banks/ Regional Rural
Banks / Urban Cooperative Banks/ State Cooperative Banks/ District Central Cooperative Banks

Dear Sir,

Withdrawal of cash – Weekly limit

Please refer to our circulars DCM (Plg) Nos. 1272/10.27.00/2016-17 and 1273/10.27.00/2016-17 dated November 13 and November 14, 2016, respectively. 

The banks are, hereby, advised that they may continue to allow their existing customers to withdraw cash from their accounts upto ₹ 24,000/- per week, till further instructions. 

The said limit include withdrawals from ATMs as stipulated in our circular DCM (Plg) No.1304/10.27.00/2016-17 dated November 20, 2016.

2. Please acknowledge receipt.

Yours faithfully,
(Suman Ray)
General Manager

Authority: www.rbi.org.in

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