Rates of Major Allowances to Defence Personnel

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Rates of Major Allowances to Defence Personnel

Rates of Major Allowances :
Concurrent Admissibility of Allces. Following combination of allces can be claimed concurrently:-

(a) Siachen and Highly Active Fd Area Allce (HAFA).

(b) HAFA and High Altitude Area Allce (HAA).

(c) Field Area Allce (FAA) and HAA.

(d) Mod FAA and HAA.

(e) CI Ops and HAA.

(f) Flying, HAFA and HAA.

(g) Spl Forces Allce, FAA and HAA

Auth : GoI, MoD letter No 1(16)/2017/D(Pay/Services) dated 18 Sep 2017
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