AMA Doctors List - Authorised Medical Attendants under CCS(MA)Rules

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AMA Doctors List - Authorised Medical Attendants under CCS(MA)Rules

Authorised Medical Attendants under CCS(Medical Attendance) Rules for the year 2015

44 AMA Doctors list enclosed here for your information...

Employees of the Govt. of India Printing Press Issue - Confederation writes to PM

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Employees of the Govt. of India Printing Press Issue - Confederation writes to PM

Request to review the decision of the Cabinet to close down twelve (12) Govt. of India Presses, on humanitarian consideration - Confederation write to Hon'ble Prime Minister, Govt. of India
No. Confdn/GIPs/2016-19
Dated - 01.01.2018
Shri Narendra Modi Ji,
Hon’ble Prime Minister
Government of India,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi-110 011

Sub:- Request to review the decision of the Cabinet to close down twelve (12) Govt. of India Presses, on humanitarian consideration.

This representation is made with the most fervent hope that the Hon’ble Prime Minister will be kind enough to intercede on behalf of about 3000 employees and their families who are facing mass scale transfers and uprooting of their families.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Urban Development (2016-17) Sixteenth Lok Sabha in its Eighteenth Report presented to the Lok Sabha on 10th August 2017 has made the following recommendations:

“Para 1.7 - The Committee in their original report has strongly recommended that the nodal Ministry and Ministry of Finance should expedite the modernisaion of all the fifteen (15) Govt. of India Presses, including the three Text Book Presses.  However it is learnt from the Action Taken Reply that the Group of Secretaries (set up by Govt. for undertaking mid-term review of policies and programmes of the Government) has recommended for closure of eleven (11) out of the seventeen (17) printing presses and modernisation of only the remaining six (6) through redevelopment/monetization of surplus land.

The committee are extremely unhappy to note that the Government is going ahead with the suggestion of Group of Secretaries.  This decision, according to the Committee, is totally unfair to the workers of the Government of India Printing Presses whose morale is already at stake and will only add to insecurity about their future.  Moreover, the committee are of the strong opinion that the relevance of Govt. of India Printing presses will ever remain as long as confidentiality is the essence of some aspects of Government business, besides being custodian of all relevant and sensitive Govt. of India publications.  The Committee, therefore, reiterate their earlier recommendation that all fifteen (15) Govt. of India Printing Presses, including three (3) Text Book Presses must be modernised on war footing without any further delay under intimation to the Committee.”

It is quite unfortunate that inspite of the above categorical and unambiguous recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee, the Govt. has taken decision to close down twelve Govt. of India Presses as per the recommendations of the Group of Secretaries Committee.  About 3000 employees working in those Govt. of India Presses proposed for closure are facing mass scale transfer to far off places in other states.  Their families are also subjected to untold miseries due to the unexpected closure and transfers.  They have become the victims of the bureaucratic decision which is devoid of humanitarian consideration.  All our requests to consider their cases on extreme compassionate grounds had fallen on deaf ears and hence this humble request to the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

I, on behalf of the employees of the Govt. of India Printing Press, most humbly request the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to be kind enough to review the decision of the Cabinet, so that the decision of the Govt. to close down twelve (12) Govt. of India Presses will be either cancelled or at least kept in abeyance.

A line in reply from your end will be highly appreciated.

With profound regards,

Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General
Mob & WhatsApp: 09447068125

Source: Confederation


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No. Conf/Re-emp.Ex-Sercice/2016-19
Dated - 01.01.2018
Shri Ajay Narayan Jha,
Department of Expenditure
Ministry of Finance, Government of India
Room No.129-A, North Block
New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Applicability of CCS (RP) Rules, 2016 to persons re-employed Government Service and whose pay is debitable to civil estimates  -reg.
Ref :  DoPT O.M. No. F.No. 3/3/2016-Estt.(Pay-II) dated 18.10.2017.     

1. Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers has received numerous complaints from re-employed ex-servicemen on the matter of their initial pay fixation in the re-employed posts.  We have taken up this case in the Standing Committee meeting of JCM National Council as an agenda item.  Minutes of the Standing Committee meeting circulated in DOP & T OM No.3/3/2016-JCA dated 08-08-2017 is reproduced below:
“S.No.36 - Removal of ambiguity in fixation of pay of re-employed ex-servicemen and grant of the same benefit extended to commissioned officers to Personal Below Officers Rank (PBOR) also.

Reply: Establishment Division in their comments dated 28-03-2017 had stated that -
(i) The first issue relates to pay fixation on re-employment in Civil Services and Public Sector Banks etc.  Department of Financial Services (DoFS) is stated to have clarified that pay fixation of ex-servicemen would be through protection of pay plus DA drawn by them at the time of release from the Armed Forces.  DoFS orders provide that in addition to the pay fixed on re-employment, pension and other retirement benefits would also be allowed.

(ii) Establishment Division of DOP&T has clarified to Department of Posts that initial pay on re-employment in case of ex-servicemen who had held posts below Commissioned Officers and Civilians below Group-A, shall be fixed as per the entry pay in the revised pay structure of the re-employed posts applicable to the case of direct recruits appointed on or after 01-01-2006.

(iii) Staff side says there is contradictions in the two clarifications and, as a result of the ambiguity, one section has benefited (Personnel who are covered under the instructions of DoFS) while others are not (Personnel who are covered under the instructions of DoPT).  JS(E) stated that they had received a number of grievances and the Department of Welfare of Ex-Servicemen had also raised this issue.  Presently there are two formulations for pay fixation of ex-servicemen - one for Group-A Posts and another for others - which is not an ideal situation.  It was stated that the same is under active consideration and a decision is likely shortly.”

We understand that it is in this background DOPT has circulated a revised draft proposal seeking opinion from other nodal Ministers.  In that context, I would like to draw your kind attention to the succeeding facts and circumstances of the case. 

History of Rules/ OMs Governing Pay-fixation on Re-Employment
2. Before delving into the above captioned subject, it would be prudent to retrace the evolution of statutory rules governing the initial fixation of pay of re-employed pensioners. The first comprehensive policy on the subject was issued by Department of Expenditure, MoF vide their O.M. No. 8(34)/Est. III/57 dated 25.11.1958 (Annexure-I) which when read in conjunction with Article 510-526 of Central Services Regulation (Annexure-II), inter-alia states that:-
(a)    Re-employed pensioners should be allowed only the prescribed scales of pay, that is, no protected time scales such as those available to pre-1931 entrants should be extended to them.
(b)    The initial pay, on re-employment should be fixed at the minimum stage of the scale of pay prescribed for the post in which an individual is re-employed. In cases where it is felt that the fixation of initial pay of the re-employed officer at the minimum of the prescribed pay scale will cause undue hardship, the pay may be fixed at a higher stage by allowing one increment for each year of service which the officer has rendered before retirement in a post not lower than that in which he is re-employed.
(c) In addition to (b) above the Government servant may be permitted to draw separately any pension sanctioned to him and to retain any other form of retirement benefit for which he is eligible e.g. Government’s contribution to a Contributory Provident Fund, gratuity, commuted value of pension, etc.
3. The said policy was in vogue till 30.07.1986, with suitable amendments from time to time in so far as the amount of pension to be ignored while fixing the pay in the re-employed post is as given below :-
OM No.
 Amount of Pension to be ignored in the case of ex-servicemen
Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure No. 7(17)-Est. III/62 dated 24.05.1962 (Annexure-III)                                                           
Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure No. 7(34)-E. III/62 dated 16.01.1964 (Annexure-IV)                                                               
Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure No. 5 (14)-E. III (B)/77 dated 19.07.1978 (Annexure-V)                                                                   
Ministry of Defence O.M. No. 2 (1)/83/D (Civ.I) dated 08.02.1983 and Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure No. F. 4 (3)-E. III (B)/82 dated 13.12.1983 (Annexure-VI)           
For Officers - Rs.250/- For PBOR – Entire pension.
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, DOPT O.M. No. 3/1/85-Estt (P-II) dated 04.04.1986(A-VII)                  
For Officers – Rs 500/-For PBOR – Entire Pension
DOPT O.M. No 3/1/86-Estt-(P-II) dated 31.07.1986(A-VIII)                                                 
For PBOR - Entire Pension
DOPT O.M. No. 3/13/2008-Estt (Pay-II) dated 11.11.2008(Annexure-IX)                             
For Officers – Rs. 4,000/-
DOPT O.M. No 3/3/2016-Estt (Pay-II) dated 01.05.2017(Annexure-X)          
For PBOR – Entire Pension
For Officers – Rs 15,000/-

4. However, the subject was transferred to DoPT in 1986, therefore, all subsequent instructions were issued under the aegis of DoPT. One such impugned instruction is the CCS (Fixation of Pay of Re-employed Pensioners) Orders, 1986 issued vide DOPT OM No. 3/1/85-Estt. (Pay-II) dated 31.07.1986 (Annexure-VIII). The subject order has been subsequently amended by DOPT vide their  O.M. No. 3/19/2009-Estt (Pay-II) dated 05.04.2010 (Annexure-XI), 08.11.2010 (Annexure-XII)and O.M. No. 3/3/2016-Estt (Pay II) dated 01.05.2017(Annexure-X).  However, these orders have failed to incorporate ‘Hardship Clause’ for pay fixation in respect of PBORs which has resulted in lot of heartburn and anomalous situation of pay-fixation post 1986 order viz-a-viz pre-1986 retirees. The situation has worsened post implementation of the 6th CPC and the recent 7th CPC, causing large-scale upheaval among PBOR ex-servicemen and further resulting in unending litigation in various courts of law across the country. Confederation has submitted a representation in September 2015 addressed to Shri. Jithendra Singh, Minister for State, Department of Personnel explaining the above position and requested to review the DOP&T orders.  The matter was taken up in JCM also as stated above.    Under such circumstances, DoPT has now decided to formulate a new policy, for which they have sought comments of Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare, MoD, Department of Expenditure, MoF and Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare. I would like to reiterate that unless there is a cogent reason, the policies affecting lives of millions of ex-servicemen should not be arbitrarily amended. This is especially evident from intentional/ unintentional omission of “hardship clause” from pay-fixation orders issued by DoPT which are at variance from the instructions issued by DoE till 1986.

5. It is also brought to the notice of Department of Expenditure that in view of large scale representation/litigation and discontent among re-employed ex-servicemen after issue of DoPT O.M.3/3/2016-Estt (Pay-II) dated 01.05.2017, Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare, MoD  vide their O.M. No 28(11)2017/D (Res-I) dated 24.07.2017 (Annexure-XIII)had suggested DoPT to completely revive the provisions contained in DoE, MoF O.M. No. 8(34)/Est. III/57 dated 25.11.1958.  But, the proposal of DESW stated in Para 6 of their above cited O. M. would only be beneficial only if status quo existed till 30.06.1986 is fully revived.  In other words, any proposal to revive the 1958 Orders would be beneficial to re-employed ex-servicemen (PBOR) only if the entire pension is ignored for fixation of pay in the re-employed post, i.e. the pension is not to be taken into account while fixing the pay as per Ministry of Defence O.M. No. 2 (1)/83/D (Civ.I) dated 08.02.1983 and Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure No. F. 4 (3)-E. III (B)/82 dated 13.12.1983.
Computation of Pre-Retirement Pay for the purpose of Pay-Fixation
6. Similarly, the concept of pre-retirement pay (PRP) has undergone changes to the detriment of re-employed pensioners/ex-servicemen. It may be appreciated that Article 510 of Central Service Regulations, DoE O.M. 5(21)-Est. III(B)/64 dated 15.06.1964(Annexure XIV), DoPT O.M. No. 3/1/86-Estt (P.II) dated 31.07.1986 include all components  of pay such as rank pay, increments of pay for length of service, Good Service Pay, Classification Pay and X-Group Pay as a part of PRP. However, the proposal sent by DoPT for comments only takes basic pay as PRP like Armed Forces Officers, while ignoring other components which are part of pension.  It would be prudent to mention that PRP of Armed Forces Officer and Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) has never been same and treating PRP of Armed Forces Officer as that of PBOR will not only create anomalous situation but also bring financial losses to PBOR.
Treatment of Military Service Pay.

7. It is submitted that as per Part I, Section-3 of Gazette Notification dated 30 August, 2008(Annexure XV), Cabinet Resolution accepted Military Service Pay (Serial 2 of Annexure I-Part A) as part of pay in respect of all defence forces and is to be counted for pay fixation and pension in accordance with Para 2.3.12 of 6th CPC Recommendations(Annexure XVI).  However, Defence Ministry arbitrarily overridden the above aspect through their O.M. dated 24.07.2009. Accordingly, DOPT has denied the benefit of MSP to all defence pensioners whereas the said O.M. of MoD was meant only for military officers on their re-employment within Armed Forces. In this context, I humbly refer to enclosed judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on Civil Appeal No 3744 of 2016 dated 08.12.2017(Annexure XVII) on admissibility of MACP on similar lines. In this judgment, Hon’ble Supreme Court has held that cabinet decisions cannot be overridden/ modified through the means of any executive order.  Hence, Department of Expenditure may like to take cognizance of this ruling while forwarding its views to DoPT. It is imperative that the issue of MSP while fixing PRP is handled now in the spirit of above judgment which would go a long way in avoiding future litigation.
Methods of Pay Fixation

8. Since, DoPT has proposed to consolidate, rationalise and simplify existing orders on pay fixation of re-employed ex-servicemen (including reservists and ex-combatant clerks) in a single policy framework, we as representatives of employees including re-employed ex-servicemen, being a major stake holder in the matter would like to suggest that pay fixation policy envisaged from 25.11.1958 to 30.06.1986 may be revived.  Accordingly, all re-employed ex-servicemen may be given two options to exercise, whichever may be beneficial to them and the subject option shall have a retrospective effect since 31.07.1986 at the discretion of affected ex-servicemen, as under :-
(a) Option I -   The initial pay, on re-employment shall be fixed at the minimum of the scale of pay prescribed for the post in which the individual is re-employed. After fixing the pay as above, in case the initial pay is lesser than the last pay drawn (pre-retirement pay), such cases are to be treated as causing undue hardship, the pay is to be fixed at a higher stage by granting one increment for each year of service rendered by him, so as to bring the initial pay at par with the pre-retirement pay. The pay so fixed is to be treated as “minimum of the pay scale”.  In addition to the above, the government servant is permitted to draw pension and all other forms of retirement benefits including Dearness Relief on pension which he is eligible.
(b) Option-II.  The initial pay of a re-employed pensioner shall be fixed in the time scale of the re-employed post at a stage equivalent to the stage that would have been reached by putting in the Civil Posts, the number of completed years of service rendered in the posts in the Armed Forces.  The pay so fixed will not be restricted to the ‘pre-retirement pay’. The pension (including pension equivalent retirement benefit) may be reduced from the pay so fixed after ignoring an amount of Rs.15000/- as proposed by DOPT. In addition to the above, the government servant is permitted to draw pension and all other forms of retirement benefits including Dearness Relief on pension which he is eligible. (The amount of ignorable part of pension and PEG for pensioners re-employed prior to 01.01.2016 will remain at Rs.4000/-). 

9. It is requested that the proposals of this Confederation may kindly be considered on merit while formulating DoE views for onward submission to DoPT. I am hopeful that appropriate policy would be formulated in consonance with the spirit of government orders in vogue till 1986. 

Thanking You
Encl:  As stated.                                                                      
Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan,)
Member, Standing Committee,
National Council JCM &
Secretary General,
Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers.
Mob: 09447068125, Email:
Copy to :
1.     Sri. Ajay Mittal,
         Department of Personnel and Training
         Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pension, Government of India
         North Block,  Room No.112, New Delhi-110 001.
2.     Mr. Sanjay Mitra, IAS,
         Ministry of Defence, Room No.101-A, South Block,
         New Delhi-110 011.
3.     Smt. Sanjeevanee Kutty, IAS
         Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Room No.5-A, South Block,
         New Delhi-110 011.
4.     Sri. K.V.Eapen,
         Secretary, Department of Pension and Pensioner’s Welfare,
         Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi-110 003.

Source: Confederation


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M. Krishnan
Secretary General, Confederation.
Right to peaceful protest is a constitutional right and right to assemble and demonstrate by holding dharnas is the basic features of an effective democratic system.
Article 19 of the Indian Constitution is one of the most important article constituting the “basic feedoms” guaranteed to every citizen of India.  Article 19(1) provides that all citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression, assembly, associations, movement, residence and practicing any trade, business, occupation or profession.  Article 19(1)(b) guarantees to all citizens of India, rights to “assemble peacefully and without arms”.  This right includes the right to hold meetings and take out processions.  Of course, assembly must be peaceful, harmonious,unarmed and not threatening the safety of the people.  Reasonable restrictions can be imposed under clause(3) of Article 19.
The right to assembly embodies the very idea of a democratic system.  Article 9 (1)(b) thus includes the right to hold meetings and to take out  processions.  It has been reviewed, studied and interpreted numerous times by the Supreme Court.  In its judgements Supreme Court has upheld the right to peaceful protest as a constitutional right and the right to assemble and demonstrate by holding dharnas is the basic feature of democratic system.  People in a democracy have a right to raise their voices against the decisions and unreasonable actions of the Government or to express their opinion in any subject of national importance.  The Government is obliged to respect and encourage the exercise of such rights.
This being the position, the political powers have resorted to the use of authoritation powers to stop the Central Government employees from exercising their constitutional right of conducting peaceful dharnas and demonstrations on 19-09-2017 and 17-10-2017 under the banner of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers.  By conducting the programmes on 19-09-2017 and 17-10-2017 in a massive manner throughout the country, defying the Govt. orders, Confederation has upheld the constitutional right enshrined in the Constitution of India.



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M. Krishnan
Secretary General, Confederation
Seventh Central Pay Commission Chairman, Justice (Retired) Ashok Kumar Mathur in his foreword to 7th CPC Report has quoted the following lines in the case of Bhupendra Nath Hazarika and another Versus State of Assam & others wherein the Supreme Court of India has observed as follows:
“It should always be borne in mind that legitimate aspirations of the employees are not guillotined and a situation is not created where hopes end in despair.  Hope for every one is gloriously precious and that a model employer should not convert it to be deceitful and treacherous.....  A sense of calm sensibility and concerned sincerity should be reflected at every step.  An atmosphere of trust has to prevail and when the employees are absolutely sure that their trust shall not be betrayed and they shall be treated with dignified fairness, then only the concept of good governance can be concretized.  We say no more.”
We don’t know whether the powers-that-be at the helm of affairs of the Central Government has ever read the above observations of the Apex Court quoted by 7th CPC.  Fact remains - BJP-led NDA Government has guillotined the legitimate aspirations of the Central Government employees and pensioners and created a situation wherein their gloriously precious hopes ended in despair.  The Government converted their hopes to be deceitful and treacherous.  The stand taken by the Government is devoid of calm sensibility and concerned sincerity.  Trust of the 32 lakhs employees and 33 lakhs pensioners is betrayed and their expectations of fair treatment from Government has been proved wrong.

Who gave the hopes and who betrayed:                 
In the wake of indefinite strike call given by National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) of Central Govt. Employees from 11th July 2016, in the crucial meeting held in the night of 30th June 2016, solemn assurance was given by none other than the topmost Cabinet Ministers of NDA Government Sri. Rajnath Singh, Home Minister, Sri. Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister and Shri. Suresh Prabhu, then Railway Minister.  It was told that Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modiji has directed the group of Ministers to hold discussion with NJCA leaders.  Group of Ministers gave categorical assurance that minimum pay and fitment formula will be increased and for that purpose a High Level Committee will be constituted.  Again on 6th July 2016 Sri. Rajnath Singh, Home Minister, reiterated the assurance and Finance Ministry issued a press statement confirming the assurance.  Leaders and employees trusted the words of the Senior Cabinet Ministers.  Eighteen (18) months are over.  No High Level Committee is constituted.  No hike in minimum pay and fitment formula is granted.
Delaying tactics and then denial:
From the very begining of coming to power, the NDA Govt. has adopted a tactics of “delay and then deny” the legitimate aspirations of the Central Govt. Employees and Pensioners.  Pay Commission was granted four months extension.  Empowered Committee took seven months and pay scales were implemented without any change after seven months delay from the date of submission of 7th CPC report.  Allowance Committee took one year and finally arrears of HRA and other allowances for eighteen months are denied.  Pension Option-I Committee was appointed to deny the one and the only favourable recommendations of the 7th CPC for Pensioners.  NPS Committee made it clear that withdrawl of NPS or guaranteeing minimum pension (50% of the last pay drawn) are not under its purview.  Anomaly Committee informed the JCM Staff side that 80% of the items submitted by staff side including increase in minimum pay and fitment formula will not constitute an anomaly and hence will not come under the purview of the Anomaly Committee.  Regarding implementation of the positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee on Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) also almost eleven (11) months are over after the submission of the report to Govt. on 24-11-2016.  The brutal exploitation of casual and contract workers is increasing day by day.  Eventhough Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) is not regular promotion, instead of seniority-cum-fitness Government imposed more stringent conditions to deny the promotions to thousands of employees.
Wage, Job, Social Security and Trade Union rights under attack:
Not only the legitimate pay and allowances of the Central Govt. employees are denied, their job security is also under attack due to the neo-liberal policies pursued aggressively by the NDA Government. Many work done by Railway Employees are outsourced and privatised and now leasing out of Railway stations and Railway Land to private corporates under PPP model is under progress. Decision has been taken by Government to outsource and privatise Defence production and related activities like Research, Maintenance and services etc. and to permit 100% FDI in Defence industry.  200 products being manufactured by the Ordinance factories are ordered to be handed over to private corporates.  Small Svings Schemes which was the monopoly of the Postal Department is outsourced to private banks and orders for outsorucing of booking and delivery of registered and speed post article is also issued.  Out of 17 Govt. of India Printing Presses 12 presses are ordered to be closed as per Cabinet decision.  Many other small departments are also facing the attack of outsourcing, privatisation and closure.
Orders are issued by Govt. threatening serious disciplinary action against employees who participate in dharnas, demonstrations and strikes.  JCM National Council meeting was not held for the last seven years.  Most of the Departmental Councils are not functioning. Chief Executives of recognised Associations are harassed and vindictively transferred and recognition and trade union facilities to the Associations are withdrawn.  Results of the membership verification under the Recognition Rules are not being declared and even verification process under check-off system is stopped half-way.
NPS has become “No-Pension System” as many of the employees who retired after 10 to 12 years are getting monthly annuity pension (from  Insurance Company) less than Rs.2,000/- only whereas the minimum pension for 10 years service under the old pension scheme is now Rs.9,000/-.  Government is not ready to heed the demand of the staff side to withdraw Contributory Pension Scheme and guarantee minimum pension (50% of the last pay drawn) to all under Contributory Pension Scheme.  The observations of the 7th CPC that - “almost the whole lot of Government employees appointed on or after 01-01-2004 are unhappy with the New Pension System.  Government should take a call and look into their grievances” remains in paper.  Thus the social security of the employees is facing greatest threat from Government.
‘Tough time never last, but tough people do’
No doubt the entire working class along with Central Government employees are passing through a tough period.  Their life and livelihood are under attack.  And at the same time resistance movement against the policy offensives are gaining momentum.  Entire Trade Unions (barring BMS) has organised three days “Maha Dharna” at New Delhi in which lakhs of workers participated.  BMS was also compelled to organise a separate protest programme against the retrogade policies of the Narendra Modi Government.  Central Government employees under the banner of Confederation conducted series of agitational programmes like Parliament March, One day strike, Mass dharna in front of Finance Minister’s Office, Human Chain, Burning of HRA Orders, District level dharnas, State level dharnas etc. demanding settlement of  21 point charter of demands submitted  to Government.  Coming days will witness more sectoral struggles and joint struggles leading to indefinite strike.

No alternative for struggle:
Thus the struggles of the Working Class which was hitherto defensive in nature, is becoming more and more offensive.  We have to intensify our struggle during 2018 for our survival.  Let us remember and tell our friends in the Central Govt. Employees movement who are waiting peacefully and endessly hoping for justice from NDA Government -
“Organise if you want real living wages, organise if you want to have your working hours reduced, organise if you desire better treatment from your superior officers, organise if you want that the authorities should consult and consider your opinion on all administrative measures affecting you.  Petitions, memorandums and supplications will count for nothing, so long as you do not organise yourselves in a manner to convice the Government that you will no longer stand nonsense.”
Let us march forward with full commitment and determination.
Ultimate victory shall be ours.
If  it weren’t for the Union
Our union’s story is there to be seen,
We’ve won many victories and we’ve suffered defeats,
But as I turn through the pages and look back through time,
There’s one single question stands out in my mind -
Today we may prosper, today we live free,
But if it weren’t for the union, where would we be?

From it’s humble beginnings our union has grown,
So no working person need struggle alone.
But no gain that’s been made has been made without cost,
And together we’ll see that no gain’s ever lost;
Take a look at those countries where workers aren’t free-
If it weren’t for the union, where would we be?

Would you choose to go back, working twelve hours a day,
Would you choose to toil more and a pittance be paid?
Will you stand in the union against the new right,
or do you think on your own you can withstand their might?
The answer is written in our history,
If it weren’t for the union, where would we be?

They say we’ve got problems, and the unions they blame,
Well, Franco and Pinochet they said the same.
If our union they weaken, if our union they break,
Then where’s our defence from becoming enslaved?
So would you choose bondage above liberty?
And if it weren’t for the union, where would we be?

It’s our union, our union that defends our rights,
But our union is as strong as our will is to fight,
For the union is you and the union is me,
So stand up and stand by our union
- Peter Hicks and Geoff Francis.


Pension and arrears to employees of KVS

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Pension and arrears to employees of KVS

The Grant-in-Aid allocated to Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) in the Budget Estimates 2017-18 was to meet the expenditure of salary/pension for its serving/ retired employees of KVS as per 6th CPC. However, Department of Expenditure (DoE) has given in principle approval for allocation of funds to meet the additional financial burden on the central exchequer while conveying its approval for implementation of revised pay scale as per 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) to the serving employees of KVS. 

With regard to extension of Government’s decision on the recommendations of 7th CPC for revision of rates of allowances, DoE has also given in principle approval for allocation of funds for additional financial burden on account of disbursing the arrear of allowances for the serving employees of KVS. 

Ministry of Finance, DoE has not conveyed its approval for extension of revised pension to the pensioners of KVS as per the 7th CPC.

Revised rates of ECHS contribution and entitlement of Ward in Empanelled Hospitals Medical Facilities

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Revised rates of ECHS contribution and entitlement of Ward in Empanelled Hospitals/Medical Facilities.Dated 29.12.2017

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare
Sena Bhavan, New Delhi 
Dated 29th Dec., 2017
The Chief of Army Staff
The Chief of Naval Staff
The Chief of Air Staff

Subject : Revised rates of ECHS contribution and entitlement of Ward in Empanelled Hospitals Medical Facilities. 

In supersession of the Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 22(16)/05/US/(WE)/D(Res)dated 19 July 2005 and dated  August, 2011, I am directed to convey the sanction of the Government to revise rates of ECHS  contribution to be paid by ESM and ward entitlement as under :
One time Contribution
Ward Entitlement
Recruit to Havs & equivalent in Navy & AF
Nb Sub/Sub/Sub Maj or equivalent in Navy & AF (including Hony Nb Sub/MACP Nb Sub and Hony Lt/Capt.
Semi Private
 All Officers
2. The revised order will be effective from the date of issue of this letter. 

3. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance) vide their ID No.32(09)/2016/Fin/Pen dated 22-11-2017.

Yours faithfully,
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India 


Deadline for linking of Aadhaar number Extended - List of Services and Schemes

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Deadline for linking of Aadhaar number Extended - List of Services and Schemes

Deadline for linking of Aadhaar number

The deadline for linking of Aadhaar number has been extended up to 31 March, 2018 for the services/schemes as per the list enclosed at Annexure, vide Office Memorandum dated 07.12.2017 issued by Ministry of Electronics and IT. 

A similar action has been taken for linking of Aadhaar with bank accounts and other account based relationship by the client, under Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) Rules, 2005 and linking of Aadhaar with Permanent Account Number (PAN), under Income Tax Act, 1961. Further, Hon’ble Supreme Court vide its order dated 15th December, 2017 in Writ Petition (Civil) no. 494 of 2012, has also extended the deadline for Aadhaar linking to mobile number upto 31 March 2018.

List of Published Notifications (published on under Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 [As on 30-11-2017]
[Summary: # Ministries/Departments: 35; # Notifications=144; # Schemes covered under these notifications=252]
Sl.No. Ministry/Department Sl.No. Name of Scheme/Programme # Schemes included in the notification
1 Ministry of Labour and Employment 1 Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995 1
2 Housing Subsidy Benefit 4
3 Scholarship Subsidy Benefit 5
4 National Career Services (NCS) 1
5 Stipend to Trainees under the Scheme of Welfare for SC/STs Job Seekers through coaching, guidance & vocational training 1
6 Stipend to persons with disabilities defined under The Right of Person With Disbilities (RPwD) Act 2016 1
7 Bonded Labour Rehabilitation Scheme 1
8 National Child Labour Project (NCLP) 1
9 Grants-in-aid to Voluntary Organizations (stipend component for training centres) 1
10 Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana (AABY) 1
11 Grants to Dattopant Thengadi National Board for Workers Education & Development [DTNBWE&D] 1
12 Grants to V.V. Giri National Labour Institute 1
2 Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship 13 National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) 1
14 Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikash Yojana [PMKVY] 1
3 Department of Personnel & Training 15 Schemes of (a) Conduct of Yoga Classes at Grih Kalyan Kendras (GKK) (b) Annual Grant to GKK, (c) Assistance for come and play scheme (d) Coaching Academies and summer camps by CCSCSB 4
4 Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer''s Welfare 16 Crop Insurance Schemes 2
17 Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) 6
18 Soil Health Management and Soil Health Card under National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) 2
19 Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centres (AC&ABC) 1
20 National Food Security Mission (NFSM) 5
21 Per Drop More Crop component of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) 1
22 Support to State Extension Programmes for Extension Reform - ATMA Scheme 1
23 Rainfed Area Development under NMSA 1
24 National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm (NMOOP) 1
25 Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanism Scheme (SMAM) [Component 1& 2] [Central Sector] 1
26 Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanism Scheme (SMAM) [Component 3 to 8] [Centrally Sponsored] 1
27 Sub-Mission on Seeds & Planting Materials (SMSP) under National Mission on Agriculture Extension and Technology (NMAET) 1
28 Cooperative Training and Education by NCUI and NCCT 1
29 Interest Subvention Scheme 1
5 Deptt. of Higher Education, MHRD 30 Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for College and University Students 1
31 Scholarship & Fellowship Schemes being implemented by UGC and AICTE 18
6 Deptt. of School Education & Literacy, MHRD 32 National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme (NMMSS) 1
33 National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education (NSIGSE) 1
34 Payment of salary/honararium to teachers & staff under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) 1
35 Benefits to 6 to 14 yrs children under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) 1
36 Inclusive Education of the Disabled at Secondary State (IEDSS) under RMSA 1
37 Scheme of Adult Education & Skill Development - Saakshar Bharat 1
38 Scheme of support to NGOs/Institutions /SRCs for Adult Education and Skill Development 1
39 Mid-day Meal for Children 1
40 Payment of honorarium to Cook-cum-Helpers (CCHs) under MDM Scheme 1
41 Scheme for providing Quality Education for Madarsas (SPQEM) 1
42 In-kind benefits under Inclusive Education of the Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) Scheme 1
7 Deptt. of Social Justice and Empowerment 43 Central Sector/Centrally Sponsored Scholarship Schemes (12) 12
44 Assistnce to Voluntary Organizations under various Schemes (4 schemes) 4
45 Benefits of Schemes of NSFDC, NBCFDC and NSKFDC 1
46 Other Central Sector/ Centrally sponsored schemes (three schemes) 3
47 Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 and the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 1
48 Self-Employment Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers (SRMS) 1
49 Schemes of Dr Ambedkar Foundation 6
8 Deptt. of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities 50 Assistance to disabled persons for purchase/fitting of Aids and Appliances (ADIP) 1
51 Scholarship Schemes for education of students with disabilities (6 schemes) 6
52 National Action Plan for Skill Training of persons with disabilities under SIPDA 1
53 Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) 1
54 District Disability Rehabilitation Centres (DDRCs) 1
55 Incentive Scheme for providing employment to Persons with Disabilities in the Private Sector 1
9 Ministry of Women and Child Development 56 Supplementary Nutrition Programme under ICDS Scheme 1
57 Payment of honorarium to AWWs & AWHs under ICDS Scheme 1
58 Supplementary Nutrition for children offered at Crèche Centres 1
59 Honorarium paid towards the Crèche Workers and Crèche Helpers 1
60 Maternity Benefit Programme (MBP) 1
61 Scheme for Adolescent Girls 1
62 National Mission for Empowerment of Women (NMEW) 1
63 ICDS Training Programme 1
64 Ujjawala Scheme 1
65 Swadhar Scheme 1
66 Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) 1
67 STEP Programme 1
68 Rashtriya Mahila Kosh 4
69 Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) 1
10 Ministry of Rural Development 70 MGNREGA 1
71 Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Rural Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NRLM) 1
72 National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) 1
73 Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana - Gramin (PMAY-G) 1
74 Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) 1
11 Deptt of Food & Public Distribution 75 Targetted Public Distribution System (TPDS) 1
12 Ministry of Health & Family Welfare 76 Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) 1
77 Payment of performance based incentives to Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) under National Health Mission 1
78 Payment of remuneration to contractual staff engaged under National Health Mission 1
79 Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme [RNTCP] 1
80 Familiy Planning Schemes under National Health Mission 5
13 M/o Panchayeti Raj 81 e-Panchayat Mission Mode Project 1
14 M/o Water Resources, RD & GR 82 Research & Development Programme 1
83 National Water Mission 1
84 Painting & Essay Competitions for School Children under IEC component of HRD & Capacity Building Scheme 1
15 Deptt. of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Minitsry of Defence 85 Pension to retired Defence Forces Pensioners/Family Pensioners 1
16 Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers 86 National Awards Scheme for Technology Innovation in Petrochemicals & Downstream Plastics Processing Industry 1
87 Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster Scheme 1
88 Fertilizers Subsidy 6
17 Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas 89 LPG Subsidy 1
90 LPG connection under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) 1
91 PDS Kerosene Subsidy 1
18 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting 92 Journalist Welfare Scheme 1
93 Scholarship Scheme of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute 1
19 Ministry of Science & Technology 94 INSPIRE Awards/Fellowships 6
20 Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation 95 Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) 1
21 Ministry of Textiles 96 National Handicraft Development Programme (NHDP) 11
97 National Handloom Development Programme Scheme & Comprehensive Development of Handlooms Scheme for Handloom Weavers 2
98 Integrated Scheme for Development of Silk Industry 1
99 Integrated Scheme for Powerloom Workers 1
100 Group Insurance Scheme for Powerloom Workers 1
101 In-situ Upgradation of Plain Powerloom for SSI Powerloom Sector 1
102 Scheme for Promoting Usage of Agrotextiles in NER 1
22 Ministry of Heavy Industry & Public Enterprises (D/o Heavy Industry) 103 Excise Duty Subsidy on purchase of Car by Physically Handicapped Persons 1
104 FAME India Scheme 1
105 Scheme of Counselling, Retraining and Redeployment for separated Employees (CRR Scheme) 1
106 Scheme of Research, Development & Consultancies on Generic Issues of Enterprises (RDC Scheme) 1
23 Ministry of AYUSH 107 National AYUSH Mission 1
108 Promotion of International Cooperation in AYUSH 1
109 Central Sector Scheme of Extra-Mural Research in AUYSH 1
110 Courses on Ayurveda in Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth (RAV) 1
24 Ministry of Corporate Affairs 111 Internship Scheme for Post-Graduate Students 1
25 Ministry of Urban Development 112 Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) 1
26 Ministry of Minority Affairs 113 Scholarship Schemes (3 Schemes) 3
114 Seekho Aur Kamao 1
115 Upgrading Skills & Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts for Development [USTTAD] 1
116 Free Coaching and Allied Scheme 1
117 Nai Udaan Scheme 1
118 Padho Pradesh Scheme 1
119 Maulana Azad National Fellowship Scheme 1
120 Jiyo Parsi Scheme 1
27 Ministry of Road Transport & Highways 121 National Award for individual in the field of Road Safety 1
122 Refresher Training to Drivers in Unorganized Sector & HRD 1
28 Ministry of Culture 123 Schemes of Scholarship/ Fellowships / Grants for promoting culture: 
(a) Award of Scholarship to Young Artistes in Different Cultural Fields, 
(b) Award of Fellowships to Outstanding Persons in the field of Culture and 
(c) Tagore National Fellowship/ Scholarship for Cultural Research 3
124 Central Sector Shemes of: 
(a) Performing Arts Grant Scheme 
(b) Scheme for Financial Assistance to Cultural Organizations with National Presence
(c) Artistes Pension Scheme and Welfare Fund
(d) Cultural Functions and Production Grant Scheme
(e) Promoting International Cultural Relations 5
125 Scheme of Safeguarding the Intangiable Cultural Heritage and Diverse Cultural Traditions of India (through Sangeet Natak Academy) 1
29 Ministry of Tourism 126 Training Programmes 1
30 Ministry of Finance 127 Atal Pension Yojana (APY) 1
128 Varistha Pension Bima Yojana (VPBY) 1
31 Department of Pharmaceuticals, M/o Chemicals and Fertilizers 129 Scholarship to NIPER Students 1
130 Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana (PMBJP) 1
32 Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation 131 Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM) 1
33 Ministry of Tribal Affairs 132 Central Sector and Centrally Sponsored Scholarship Schemes 4
133 Grant-in-Aid to Voluntary Organizations working for welfare of STs 1
134 Development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) 1
135 Vocational training in tribal areas 1
136 Institutional support for Development & Marketing of Tribal Products/Produce 1
34 Ministry of Earth Sciences 137 Payment of Fellowship, Stipend, Financial Assistance to Scientists and Students 6
35 Ministry of Commerce 138 Integrated Scheme for Export Promotion and Quality improvement in spices; and Research & Development of Cardamom 1
139 Sustainable & Inclusive Development of Natural Rubber Sector 1
140 Tea development and promotion Scheme 1
141 Integrated Coffee Development Project 1
142 Scheme of ‘Marine Products Export Development’ under MPEDA 1
36 Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation 143 Capacity Development Scheme - Internship Programme 1
144 Fellowship to Research Scholars and Stipend to Students of Indian Statistical Institute 1
TOTAL= 252

Ayurvedic Medicines in CGHS Centres

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Ayurvedic Medicines in CGHS Centres

Several steps have been taken to expedite the procurement process and minimise the problems of the patients."

The Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey said in Parliament while answering a question on 29.12.2047 that some difficulties are being faced by the beneficiaries not because of the complex process but because of:-

Non-availability of Authorized Local Chemist for AYUSH in cities outside Delhi.

Non-availability of Rate Contract for AYUSH drugs. 

The details of the funds allocated and spent for the procurement of Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathic Medicines under this Scheme during the last two years are at Annexure.

Following steps have been taken to expedite the procurement process and minimise the problems of the patients:-
  • Tender process have been initiated for Central procurement of Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani and other medicines, which are not supplied by Indian Medicine Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited (IMPCL) and other Government undertakings. 
  • Medicines which are not readily available are procured through Authorized Local Chemists. 
  • In Cities, where there are no Authorized Local Chemists, beneficiaries can buy the non-available medicines and claim reimbursement.

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