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Categories of Allowances reported by 7th Pay Commission

Categories of Allowances reported by 7th Pay Commission

7th Central Pay Commission has categorized all reported allowances under functional heads:

Allowances payable for Additional Extra Duty
1.Acting Allowance
2.Air Despatch Pay
3.Air Steward Allowance
4.Caretaking Allowance
5.Dual Charge Allowance
6.Extra Duty Allowance
7.Fixed Monetary Compensation
8.Flag Station Allowance
9.Flight Charge Certificate Allowance
10.Library Allowance
11.Rajbhasha Allowance
12.Shorthand Allowance
13.Special Appointment Allowance
14.Special DOT Pay

Allowances related to Knowledge Updates
1.Annual Allowance
2.Book Allowance
3.Professional Update Allowance

Allowances related to Deputation
1.Deputation (Duty) Allowance for Civilians
2.Deputation (Duty) Allowance for Defence Personnel
3.Tenure Allowance

Allowances related to Working on Holidays
1.Holiday Compensatory Allowance
2.Holiday Monetary Compensation
3.National Holiday Allowance

Allowances related to Housing
1.Compensation in Lieu of Quarters (CILQ)
2.Family Accommodation Allowance
3.Family HRA Allowance
4.House Rent Allowance (HRA)
5.Hutting Allowance
6.Rent Free Accommodation
7.Single in Lieu of Quarters (SNLQ)

Allowances related to Good Service
1.Good Service-Good Conduct-Badge Pay
2.Medal Allowance
3.Monetary Allowance attached to Gallantry Awards
4.Reward for Meritorious Service

Qualification Allowances
1.Aeronautical Allowance
2.Air Worthiness Certificate Allowance
3.Classification Allowance
4.Highe Proficiency Allowance
5.Higher Qualification Incentive for Civilians
6.Judge Advocate General Department Examination Award
7.Language Allowance
8.Language Award
9.Language Reward and Allowance
10.Post Graduate Allowance
11.Qualification Allowance
12.Qualification Grant
13.Qualification Pay
14.Technical Allowance
15.Unit Certificate and Charge Certificate Allowance

Allowances related to Risk and Hardship
1.Antarctica Allowance
2.Assisting Cashier Allowance
3.ASV Allowance
4.Bad Climate Allowance
5.Boiler Watch Keeping Allowance
6.Breakdown Allowance
7.Cash Handling Allowance
8.CI Ops Allowance
9.Coal Pilot Allowance
10.COBRA Allowance
11.Commando Allowance
12.Compensatory (Construction or Survey) Allowance
13.Cooking Allowance
14.Diving Allowance, Dip Money and Attendant Allowance
15.Field Area Allowance
16.Flying Allowance
17.Flying Squad Allowance
18.Free Fall Jump Instructor Allowance
19.Handicapped Allowance
20.Hardlying Money
21.Headquarters Allowance
22.Health and Malaria Allowance
23.High Altitude Allowance
24.Hospital Patient Care Allowance Patient Care Allowance
25.Hydrographic Survey Allowance
26.MARCOS and Chariot Allowance
27.Metropolitan Allowance
28.Night Patrolling Allowance
29.Operation Theatre Allowance
30.Organization Special Pay
31.Out-turn Allowance
32.Para Allowances
33.Para Jump Instructor Allowance
34.Project Allowance
35.Rajdhani Allowance
36.Risk Allowance
37.Savings Bank Allowance
38.Sea Going Allowance
39.Secret Allowance
40.Siachen Allowance
41.Special Compensatory (Hill Area) Allowance
42.Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance
43.Special Forces Allowance
44.Special LC Gate Allowance
45.Submarine Allowance
46.Submarine Duty Allowance
47.Submarine Technical Allowance
48.Sunderban Allowance
49.Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer Allowance
50.Treasury Allowance
51.Tribal Area Allowance

Allowances for Running Staff of Indian Railways
1.Accident Allowance
2.Allowance in Lieu of Kilometreage (ALK)
3.Allowance in Lieu of Running Room Facilities
4.Breach of Rest Allowance
5.Ghat Allowance
6.Kilometreage Allowance (KMA)
7.Officiating Allowance
8.Outstation (Detention) Allowance
9.Outstation (Relieving) Allowance
10.Shunting Allowance
11.Special Running Staff Allowance
12.Trip Allowance
13.Waiting Duty Allowance

Allowances related to Sports
1.Out of Pocket Allowance
2.Refreshment Allowance

Sumptuary Allowances
1.Entertainment Allowance for Cabinet Secretary
2.Entertainment Allowance in Indian Railways
3.Official Hospitality Grant in Defence forces
4.Sumptuary Allowance in Training Establishments
5.Sumptuary Allowance to Judicial Officers in Supreme Court Registry

Allowances related to Training
1.Instructional Allowance
2.Training Allowance

Allowances related to Travel
1.Camp Allowance
2.Conveyance Allowance
3.Cycle Allowance
4.Daily Allowance
5.Daily Allowance on Foreign Travel
6.Detachment Allowance
7.Leave Travel Concession (LTC)
8.Mileage Allowance for journeys by road
9.TA Bounty
10.TA for Retiring Employees
11.TA on Transfer
12.Transport Allowance
13.Travelling Allowance

Allowances related to Uniform
1.Clothing Allowance
2.Initial Equipment Allowance
3.Kit Maintenance Allowance
4.Outfit Allowance
5.Robe Allowance
6.Robe Maintenance Allowance
7.Shoe Allowance
8.Uniform Allowance
9.Washing Allowance

Other Allowances
1.Bhutan Compensatory Allowance
2.Briefcase Allowance
3.Canteen Allowance
4.Children Education Allowance (CEA)
5.Command Allowance
6.Commercial Allowance
7.Composite Personal Maintenance Allowance (CPMA)
8.Condiment Allowance
9.Constant Attendance Allowance
10.Cost of Living Allowance
11.Court Allowance
12.Dearness Allowance
13.Desk Allowance
14.Diet Allowance
15.Educational Concession
16.Electricity Allowance
17.Family Planning Allowance
18.Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA)
19.Funeral Allowance
20.Haircutting Allowance
21.Hard Area Allowance
22.Internet Allowance
23.Investigation Allowance
24.Island Special Duty Allowance
25.Launch Campaign Allowance
26.Messing Allowance
27.Mobile Phone Allowance
28.Newspaper Allowance
29.Night Duty Allowance
30.Non-Practicing Allowance (NPA)
31.Nuclear Research Plant Support Allowance
32.Nursing Allowance
33.Orderly Allowance
34.Overtime Allowance
35.Parliament Assistant Allowance
36.PCO Allowance
37.Ration Money Allowance
38.Soap Toilet Allowance
39.Space Technology Allowance
40.Special Allowance for Child Care for Women with Disabilities
41.Special Allowance to Chief Safety Officers Safety Officers
42.Special Duty Allowance
43.Special Incident Investigation Security Allowance
44.Special NCRB Pay
45.Special Scientists’ Pay
46.Specialist Allowance
47.Spectacle Allowance
48.Split Duty Allowance
49.Study Allowance
50.Subsistence Allowance
51.Training Stipend
52.Vigilance Allowance

The entire range of allowances is administered in broadly four ways:
a. Fully DA-indexed–Allowances – e.g. Transport Allowance
b. Partially or Semi DA-indexed–Allowances – e.g. Field Area Allowance, Siachen Allowance.
c. No DA-indexation–Allowances – e.g. Reward for Meritorious Service.
d. Percentage based–Allowances – e.g. House Rent Allowance

7th Central Pay Commission has categorized all reported allowances under functional heads:

Sl No.
No. of Allowances with Link



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