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Department of Personnel and Training

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Compiling of Orders issued by DoPT

DoPT Orders 2019
Sub-Categorization of OBC – Dopt Orders on 31.12.2018
Immovable Property Return (IPR) for CSS Officers – Dopt Orders Dt. 31.12.2018
Promotion of PS to PPS on Ad-hoc Basis – calling of option Promotion of Private Secretaries (PSs) to Principal Private Secretaries (PPSs) of CSSS
Long term and short term training programs under DFFT scheme 2019-20
Seeking option from promoted Under Secretaries (adhoc) under Rotational Transfer Policy
Adventure Sports and Similar Activities amongst Central Government Employees
SubCategorization of OBC – Dopt Orders dt.11.1.2019
Seeking option from promoted Deputy Secretaries (adhoc) under Rotational Transfer Policy
7th CPC Cash Handling and Treasury Allowance
Grant of Paid Holiday on the Day of Poll – DoPT Orders
Grant of Two Increments on Promotion to DS/Sr. PPS – DoPT
DoPT Orders On 22nd Nov 2018 – Personal Assistants Of CSSS To Private Secretaries On Ad-Hoc Basis
DoPT – Launching /Introduction of UPSC module in RRFAMS portal
Eligibility Criteria for Pay Matrix Level 14 On Deputation Basis
Notification on Leave as per 7th CPC Recommendations
Election Holidays – Grant of Paid Holiday – Dopt Orders on 2.11.2018
Grant of Paid holiday on the Day of Poll – DoPT Orders on 1.11.2018
Purchase of Laptops for Eligible Officers – Dopt Orders 22.10.2018
7th CPC Risk Allowance Clarification – Dopt Orders dt. 29.10.2018
Clarification on Risk Allowance – DoPT Orders dt.16.11.2018
Travel entitlements of Government employees for the purpose of LTC post 7th CPC - Dopt's clarification on 18.10.2018
Dopt Orders on LTC dt. 24.4.2018 – Emergency Passage Concession
Transfer on deputation/foreign service of Central Government Employees – DoPT Orders dt.18.10.2018
Clarification on modalities of transfer of NPS – DoPT Orders dt. 11.10.2018
Stepping Up of Pay-Consolidated Guidelines – Dopt Orders dt. 26.10.2018
DPC After Retirement – Procedure and guidelines – Dopt Orders dt. 15.11.2018
Technical Resignation in Central Services – Master Circular
All India Protest Day on 19.9.2018 - DoPT Instructions under CCS (Conduct) Rules
Relaxation to travel by air to visit North East Region, Jammu & Kashmir and Andaman & Nicobar – Extension beyond 25.09.2018
Nomination of Area Welfare Officers (AWOs) for the calendar years 2019 and 2020
DoPT Orders on Holidays: Change of Bakrid Holiday on 23.8.2018

Rule and Regulations for the Residents Welfare Associations recognised by the government of India - DoPT
Closure of Central Government Offices on the occasion of Independence Day Celebration
Half Day Holiday for all CG Offices on 17.8.2018
Grant of Paid Holiday on Election Date
DoPT Orders 2018: Allowed to Re-Exercise the Option for Fixation of Pay under FR 22(l)(a)(1)
Benefit of reservation to Ex-servicemen - DoPT Orders
Master Circular on Probation-Confirmation in Central Services
Grant of Children Education Allowance (CEA) and Hostel Subsidy – Consolidated instructions - DoPT
Proposal to include Central Asian Countries with the ambit of LTC facility for Government employees - DoPT

DoPT Orders Jan 2018
DoPT Orders Dec 2017

DoPT Orders October 2017

DoPT Orders August 2017

DoPT Orders June & July 2017

DoPT Orders Jan, Feb & Mar 2017

Department of Personnel and Training

DoPT Orders 2016 | All Orders, Notifications, Amendments, Clarifications and Gazettes

DoPT Orders Oct, Nov and Dec 2016

DoPT Orders Jul, Aug and Sep 2016

DoPT Orders Apr, May and Jun 2016

DoPT Orders Jan, Feb and Mar 2016

Department of Personnel and Training

DoPT Orders 2015 | All Orders, Notifications, Amendments, Clarifications and Gazettes

DoPT Orders Oct, Nov and Dec 2015

Old Important DoPT Orders

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